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Tips to help quit smoking

If you find the thought of smoking too daunting or difficult or have suffered any ill effects during a previous attempt to stop then it is important that you speak to your own doctor who will help you plan your next attempt.

Stopping smoking requires faith and belief.  Many people who are thinking about quitting smoking can't imagine that they'll ever reach a point where they will find it easy and think of it in positive terms.  This is why you will need to take a leap of faith in the beginning.  You will have to believe that before long there will come a time when you can go for a month without even thinking about cigarettes or smoking, and even then it will be a passing thought which will be gone as soon as you've had it.  This may seem too good to be true but, rest assured, people are getting there every day.

Sit down and pretend you are a year into the future.  You have given up smoking - you have forgotten about smoking and cigarettes.  Make a written list of all the things that will be different and the benefits that you will see.  Write down as many things as you can think of.  It's important with this exercise to be positive, and not just to use double negatives.  For example, instead of writing 'I will not be in bad health', write 'I will be enjoying better health and exercising three times a week'.  There are lots of benefits to becoming a non-smoker - how many can you think of right now?

Consider going for a hypnotherapy session to help you stop smoking.  Don't go before you have done some research and spoken to a hypnotherapist, and reassured yourself that they are qualified and will be able to meet your needs.  But lots of people have found hypnotherapy to be a successful way to stop smoking, and the cost of one hypnotherapy session is likely to be no more than one or two weeks' worth of cigarettes.  Seeing a hypnotherapist is a cost effective way to quit smoking, but if you don't want to see someone in person, there are also popular and effective hypnosis CDs, tapes and MP3s which you can buy.

Avoid substitution.  People may tell you to have something else instead when you want a cigarette - perhaps a drink, or something sweet to eat.  But you don't need to do this.  Smoking is not that important; there is nothing good about it, and you don't need to replace it with something else.  If you feel that you need to do something else, then choose something healthy and positive, such as going for a walk or run.

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