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Welcome to the tips section of the website.  These are the pages where we suggest some general tips and ideas to help you deal with issues featured elsewhere on the site, such as losing weight and giving up smoking.  You may it helpful to bookmark this page and return to it for help and support with different areas of your life, or you may wish to focus on the tips for a specific area such as fear of flying. 

Anyone needing help with these areas should find these tips of use, but we feel they will be of particular benefit to students as they cover areas such as developing memory skills, coping with exams, dealing with stress and other common issues that students need to deal with.

Exam Tips - General help and ideas for exam preparation, revision etc

Memory Tips - General help and ideas for memory improvement and techniques

Weight Loss Tips - General help and ideas for weight loss and management

Insomnia Tips - General help and suggestions for sleeplessness and sleep problems

Stress Tips - General help and ideas for managing stress

Quit Smoking Tips - General help and ideas for quitting smoking

Fear of Flying Tips - Support and suggestions for overcoming a fear of flying

Presentation Tips - Ideas and techiques for improving your presentations



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