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Losing Weight, Feeling Great with Self-Hypnosis

Losing Weight, Feeling Great with Self-HypnosisLosing Weight, Feeling Great with Self-Hypnosis
By Catherine Elizabeth

There are many books on self hypnosis and weight loss. This one seems to deal with the subject as well as any. It deals with hypnosis as a tool to lose weight but also with meditation as a way to become motivated and relaxed. Motivation and relaxation, if developed to a consistent level will always help you to achieve your perfect weight - they certainly won't hinder your efforts. Catherine Elizabeth writes in a comfortable and natural style which provides an effective strategy for losing weight not through diets and dieting but through developing a weight loss programme using incredibly powerful techniques for self-confidence, energy and goal setting.

As well as dealing with hypnotism, the book offers advice on how to set and form affirmations. The affirmation section is one of the most powerful and popular parts with strategies for personal lose weight motivation.

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The Power of Positive Eating - How to Lose Weight and Enjoy a Healthy Life
By Amanda Wynne and Alison Crawshaw

The scientific world understands that diets don't work. If you make yourself do something it will always be difficult. You can succeed for a while but invariably the weight goes back on - so is that success? Well, if you wish to lose some weight in the short term for say, a wedding then arguably yes but the weight will almost certainly go back on, and more than likely you'll weigh more than you did in the first place. This can have serious effects on your self-esteem, your health and your motivation t o lose weight in the future.

The Power of Positive Eating

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