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Your Money or Your LifeYour Money or Your Life:
A Practical Guide to Solving Your Financial Problems and Affording a Life You'll Love
By Alvin Hall

A book to accompany the successful BBC TV series, by personal finance guru Alvin Hall. Written in a simple, easy to read style, Alvin offers straight-forward tips and advice on managing your money and getting your finances in order.

Helping you to understand your money psychology, the book beats a clear pathway through the financial maze of mortgages, insurance and pensions, provides a practical understanding of credit card debt and interest rates. Alvin also advises how to set up balance sheets for budgeting personal finances. A simple and practical guide for people who need a little help with money matters.

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The Courage to Be Rich
Creating a Life of Material and Spiritual Abundance
By Suze Orman

This work by Suze Orman is about money, the money we spend and how we spend it day to day, the money we save, and the best ways to use our money to buy what we need, from cars to houses to your morning cup of coffee. The book explores the necessities of life beyond achieving financial security, showing how money cannot become an end in itself.

The Courage to Be Rich

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How to Have More Than Enough
A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Abundance
By Dave Ramsey
'How to Have More Than Enough' combines practical advice, inspiration, and common sense to guide the reader towards solving financial problems and eventually achieving financial prosperity. However, Dave Ramsey has chosen a balanced approach to wealth creation, emphasizing the importance of a successful family life and marital strength.

How to Have More Than Enough

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