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Sport Hypnosis - applied sport psychology tools and techniques

Sport HypnosisSport Hypnosis
By Donald R Liggett

Donald R Liggett, was a professor of psychology and a hypnotherapist certified by the American Society for Clinical Hypnosis.
He had wide experience of working with athletes in many sports including basketball, football, gymnastics and athletics.
It was while teaching psychology at Stanford University that he used hypnosis to improve the athletic performance of the gymnastics and football teams there. For this he is known as something of a pioneer in sport hypnosis.
This book is very user-friendly and will help any aspiring or professional sportsperson to improve the mental side of their game.

Mr Liggett uses the early part of the book to demystify hypnosis. Even today, (due in no small part to the entertainments industry) it's still necessary to educate the general public that hypnosis is not a submissive state but a way of strengthening your own inner resources. The book explains how can use hypnotism to relax your body and to foster positive thinking and strong mental-focus. The techniques described can build up your confidence and motivation. There are separate chapters on visualisation, building motivation, easing pain and reducing tension.

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