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No ImageHypnoSport - The Creative Use Of Hypnosis to Maximise Athletic Performance
By Les Cunningham

An effective and practical book which is equally suited to anyone from the professional to the casual weekend competitor. The author's aim is to produce a simple and straightforward programme to help with competition nerves, stamina, focus and much more.

It includes a brief history of hypnosis in sport as well as a general history of hypnosis and an explanation of the hypnotic state. (what it is and what it can be used for.)

At the end, if offers a guide to self-hypnosis which could be useful for many things, maybe developing the perfect golf swing or working on self-belief and motivation.

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Book Review

Sport Hypnosis
By Donald R Liggett

Donald R Liggett, was a professor of psychology and a hypnotherapist certified by the American Society for Clinical Hypnosis.
He had wide experience of working with athletes in many sports including basketball, football, gymnastics and athletics.
It was while teaching psychology at Stanford University that he used hypnosis to improve the athletic performance of the gymnastics and football teams there. For this he is known as something of a pioneer in sport hypnosis.
This book is very user-friendly and will help any aspiring or professional sportsperson to improve the mental side of their game.

Sport Hypnosis

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Winning the Mind Game: Using Hypnosis in Sport Psychology
By John Edgette and Tim Rowan
John Edgette and Tim Rowan have distinguished backgrounds in Hypnosis and Social Sciences respectively. They have written this book to help therapists with some understanding of hypnosis to use those skills in the sports arena.

Winning the Mind Game

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