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The Easy Way to Stop Smoking

The Easy Way to Stop SmokingThe Easy Way to Stop Smoking
By Allen Carr - Book Reviews

Allen Carr's book The easy way to stop smoking is something of a masterpiece.
After years of trying to quit smoking cigarettes and a series of willpower driven efforts, some more successful than others, Allen Carr tried hypnosis to quit smoking. The effect was instantaneous but in his words, he gave up 'in spite of hypnotherapy and not because of the hypnotherapist'. In the early edition of the book this comment was never expanded on, much to the annoyance of hypnotherapists the world over who recognise many of their techniques in this method.

Mind you, that's only a small disappointment in a book which is as effective as it is bold in its claim to make stopping smoking easy through tips and practical advice. In reality, telling a confirmed 30 a day smoker that it's easy to stop (when they know very well it isn't) could be seen as confrontational at the very least. As an ex-smoker himself, the author manages to empathise straight away with his readers and to create a very healthy rapport. He is not preaching, he is empowering.

The primary mission of the book is to help deal with the psychology of smoking. It is simple to demonstrate scientifically that smoking gives you nothing other than a topping up of the nicotine which is only there because of the last cigarette you smoked. Allen Carr manages to get this and other facts across effectively through the use of examples, clever stories and affirmations to stop smoking. He compares starting smoking with wearing a pair of shoes that are too tight just to feel the pleasure of taking them off again. This is the basis of the 'Easyway' method - smoking is an illusion and when the illusion vanishes stopping smoking becomes simple. Ask the people who thought it wasn't and then read this book.

In terms of aids to stop smoking this book is 10/10.

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