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The Nicotine Trick

The Nicotine TrickThe Nicotine Trick - The Totally New Way To Stop Smoking
By Neil Casey

The power of Neil Casey's method lies in his understanding of the subconscious mind. Nicotine doesn't exist on the conscious level, half the time you light a cigarette, you're hardly even aware that you've done it.

If you ever had the feeling that nicotine was playing an unconscious trick on you then this could be a book to help you quit smoking permanently - smoking cessation on the level at which nicotine usually feels invincible.

The author describes how our powerful minds can actually create and perpetuate withdrawal symptoms. He systematically explains how the process works, all the way from the first cigarette to the post-smoking cravings.

Mr Casey is another of those wonderful ex-smokers who know 'they've made it' and rather than running around criticising and patronising the remainder of the smoking population, he manages to gain their trust and interest and to then help them out of the smoking trap. He attempts to lay down the facts about cigarettes and the effects of stopping smoking. Quitting becomes not only achievable but something you can enjoy and be proud of.

Neil Casey is also the author of the highly successful Little Book Of Not Smoking, which comes with a warning 'This book will seriously improve your health'. All of the facts and evidence suggest he isn't wrong.

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The Easy Way to Stop Smoking
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Allen Carr's book The easy way to stop smoking is something of a masterpiece.
After years of trying to quit smoking cigarettes and a series of willpower driven efforts, some more successful than others, Allen Carr tried hypnosis to quit smoking. The effect was instantaneous but in his words, he gave up 'in spite of hypnotherapy and not because of the hypnotherapist'. In the early edition of the book this comment was never expanded on, much to the annoyance of hypnotherapists the world over who recognise many of their techniques in this method.

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