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Say Goodnight To Insomnia

Say Goodnight To Insomnia
By Greg D. Jacobs with an introduction by Herbert Benson

The book is subtitled The 6 week solution - a drug-free program developed at Harvard medical school. They don’t come much more expert than Greg D. Jacobs. As well as being an ex-insomnia sufferer, he also founded the Behavioural Medicine Insomnia Program at Harvard Medical School. This is the literary version of a sleep programme which, it is claimed, will help 100% of insomnia sufferers to some degree. It also claims to help 75% of sufferers to become ‘normal sleepers’.

The introduction is entitled Conquer Insomnia and Change Your Life. Anyone who has suffered significant periods of insomnia knows that overcoming the problem does change your life. If you can cure insomnia, it gives you more energy, more clarity and focus and helps you to beat stress. When you get into the insomnia cycle it is difficult to know whether stress stops you falling asleep or not sleeping causes stress. This book unravels many of the mysteries and describes the facts about sleep and causes of insomnia, how to change your ideas and understanding about sleep. Most importantly of all, it tells you how to manage insomnia with many priceless resources including relaxation scripts and healthy drug-free strategies. It also has separate sections on jet lag, shift work, and infants’ and children’s sleep.

Highly recommended guide for those who wish to learn how to fall asleep.

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