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Beating Insomnia

Beating InsomniaBeating Insomnia
By Dr Chris Idzikowski

As well as giving practical advice for understanding and dealing with sleeplessness, Beating Insomnia includes a CD to help you fall asleep easily and to develop skills for relaxing mentally and physically.
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'Now you hold the answer. Beating Insomnia has been specially devised to help you understand the mechanisms controlling your sleep. It teaches sleep management techniques, helps you identify particular sleep problems and is packed with ideas and advice to help you cope with your own disturbed sleep. A 28 day Sleep Diary helps you analyse your sleep patterns so that you can decide on the best way to tackle your sleep problems. The 60 minute CD will lull you into deep and refreshing sleep to help focus your mind and relax your body. A unique internet link will bring you to an on-line diary devised by the author that will enhance the data you have already collected in the books diary.'

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'cure insomnia'.


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Say Goodnight To Insomnia
By Greg D. Jacobs

The book is subtitled The 6 week solution - a drug-free program developed at Harvard medical school. They don't come much more expert than Greg D. Jacobs. As well as being an ex-insomnia sufferer, he also founded the Behavioural Medicine Insomnia Program at Harvard Medical School. This is the literary version of a sleep programme which, it is claimed, will help 100% of insomnia sufferers to some degree. It also claims to help 75% of sufferers to become 'normal sleepers'.

Say Goodnight To Insomnia

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