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Clinical Hypnosis and Memory

No ImageClinical Hypnosis and Memory:
Guidelines for Clinicians and for Forensic Hypnosis
By D. Corydon Hammond

In terms of hypnosis books, D. Corydon Hammond is best known as the editor of A Handbook of Hypnotic Suggestions and Metaphors. In this book, the aim is to offer a balanced and comprehensive summary of the scientific research based evidence for forensic hypnosis. Recommendations are made for proper and effective use of hypnosis within any field looking at memory research, recall etc.

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Passing Exams Without Anxiety:
How to Get Organised, Prepare Yourself and Feel Confident of Success
By David Acres

A highly recommended read for those looking for tips and advice to help with passing exams. Losing anxiety, getting organised and feeling confident call on automatic processes. We cannot just decide to feel confident, we need to work out a strategy for success and practice until it becomes a very natural, unconscious part of us.
Other areas covered include relaxation and memory tips.

Passing Exams Without Anxiety

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Student's Guide to Exam Success
By Eileen Tracy

What a wonderful approach to exam success. As well as tackling issues such as fear of failure and the stress of the exam situation, Eileen Tracy actually works on what students can positively gain including enjoying their work and developing the confidence to thrive on exams. A 'real world' book which aims to fit academic development into people's busy modern lives and succeeds at every turn. The author shows a true understanding of how emotion can often overcome more conscious logical approaches like willpower and swotting. Emotional resources are seen as absolutely essential to better exam performance.

Student's Guide to Exam Success

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