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The Big Little Book of Pilates

The Big Little Book of PilatesThe Big Little Book of Pilates - The Only Book You'll Ever Need   
Lesley Ackland

Pilates is one of today's fitness buzzwords, with the growing support of many GPs, osteopaths and chiropractors, not to mention those high profile celebrities.

Pilates is a body maintenance system which is becoming ever more popular, and Lesley Ackland explains it all, presenting a full programme of training to help you to look and feel toned, flexible and full of energy. The workouts in the book are designed to be suitable for people of all ages and levels of fitness, including some softer exercises that combine low-impact, high-energy movements with realignment of your posture to build strength, stamina and flexibility. This inexpensive guide explains how Pilates can provide real long-term health benefits.

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Ashtanga Yoga
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