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Flying Without Fear

Flying Without FearFlying Without Fear
By Keith Godfrey

This popular book by Captain Keith Godfrey addresses fear of flying. This very readable book takes you through everything you need to know about flying from take-off to touchdown in a simple but informative way, answering questions such as: what is turbulence? and why are there so many unusual noises?

For anyone afraid of flying, this book can really help to overcome some of the fears associated with flying, as some of the following comments from readers of this book will testify;

"Best decision of 2003, I flew all the way to Cyprus and back with no pills or alcohol and even enjoyed the flight!"

"This year having read Captain Godfrey's wonderful book, I flew to Corfu without the help of any kind of drug. I was fine!"

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The author, Dr. Meave Byrne-Crangle, is a Consultant Psychologist and directs fear of flying courses for the Aer Lingus Fearless Flyers Programme, and has extensive experience in helping people overcoming fear of flying.

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