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The Driving Test: Pass First Time

The Driving Test: Pass First TimeThe Driving Test: Pass First Time
By Linda Hatswell

In this book, Linda Hatswell has written a comprehensive illustrated manual aimed at preparing learner drivers for their driving test, and to pass first time. Published by the AA, the book does not limit itself to advice and information on the test itself. What makes this book such an excellent choice is that it goes on to cover various topics related to driving after the test has been passed, such as motorway driving, driving in bad weather, dealing with emergencies, and driving abroad and at night.

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The Official Driving Test: Driving Skills
By Driving Standards Agency
The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) is the body who set and conduct the driving test in the UK, so the information in this book couldn't come from a more authoritative source. The book explains the full requirements and syllabus for the car driving test in an easy to understand way. Well laid out and with plenty of useful illustrations the book is laden with good advice and tips for passing the uk driving test. There is also additional information for those towing a trailer and disqualified drivers retaking their test.

The Official Driving Test: Driving Skills

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