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Stress Management And Anxiety

Stress management and anxiety are two of the main reasons for people coming for hypnotherapy. An important point to note is that many of the other people who come for hypnotherapy for issues such as insomnia, nail biting, stopping smoking and weight loss will report stress and anxiety as playing a part in the problem or habit.

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Stress and anxiety are medical conditions.  Many of us function under some amount of pressure most or all of the time, but if you find that you are suffering from regular or chronic stress, then you must see a doctor.  He or she will be able to give advice on appropriate and effective techniques and treatments for alleviating your stress.   The ideas discussed on this website in relation to stress, are aimed at helping you with the type of day-to-day pressure that everyone experiences.

Stress and anxiety are everywhere in our society and if not dealt with can cause real health problems i.e. back complaints, stomach problems, migraines, depression etc. There are even links suggested between stressful lifestyle and diabetes. Relaxation exercises, and other stress management techniques will help you not only to combat stress and cope with it but ultimately, and far more importantly, to prevent it in the first place.

You may well find that these stress management downloads provide relief quickly.

So how can hypnosis help with the symptoms of stress and anxiety?

Hypnosis can incorporate lots of different therapeutic models to help you deal with the presenting stress but also to help you avoid developing high underlying stress levels.

It can help unconscious learning and by teaching you relaxation techniques and exercises it can enable you to develop natural responses i.e. a relaxation reflex as opposed to a stress reflex.

It can also help with positive thinking and assertiveness. By understanding stress and your body's reaction to it, you can start to create new positive reactions which become a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Basically, the better you feel about your ability to cope with stressful situations, the better you will in fact cope with them.  Hypnotherapy is an effective treatment for stress symptoms such as insomnia, muscle tension, rushing, worrying etc but is also a great approach to dealing with stress and anxiety before they even happen.

Other effective stress management strategies include:

Problem solving exercises - Standing back from the situation and solving the issue in a practical or logical way. Have you ever noticed how a problem seems less stressful after talking it over with someone or writing down the individual issues?

Assertiveness - Learning to get those thoughts and feelings out so that they don't cause internal stress. You can use this download on assertiveness training to get started.

Lifestyle - Exercise is the best possible way to combat immediate stress. Unfortunately, when we're stressed it's not something we feel like doing. This creates something of a trap which hypnotherapy can help to overcome. Diet, relaxation etc can all help overcome stress.

Time Management - People often believe that if they take time for themselves they are being selfish. Well, here's a question to ask yourself - If you take some time for yourself to relax, exercise, have fun etc, how much more use will you be to other people once you have banished stress and are operating to your full potential? (here's a handy time management article)

General Stress Tips - Click here to go to the general stress tips page.

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