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Nail biting - hypnotherapy the perfect cure?

Nail biting is a habit which affects many people. Often starting in childhood, nail biting can persist in some adults and become an irritating and unsightly nuisance. Some nail biters experience the habit with such severity that their nails are constantly bitten down to the quick and bleeding, causing pain and often embarrassment.

Can hypnosis stop nail biting?

Whatever the reason for starting to bite your nails, for many adults the habit continues and is made worse by stress or anxiety. Nail biting is an unconscious habit - nail biters often don't realise that they are doing it, and often bite their nails in completely inappropriate situations!

Hypnotherapy can help you to form positive new alternatives to nail biting, to help you cope with anxious situations and stress triggers in a constructive way. A hypnotherapist can also work with your unconscious mind to stop this unconscious habit.

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