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silhouette of runner with blue sky in the backgroundStatistics show that in the UK today many people are taking less exercise than they used to. Combined with changes in diet, this is taking its toll on many people's levels of fitness and health. Good health is an essential ingredient for a high quality of life.

Of course, healthy eating and exercise are crucial to your health, but what about a fit and healthy mind? The World Health Organisation defines health as "a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."  Hypnosis can help you achieve the positive state of mind needed to begin to work on improving these areas of your life.

During hypnosis, you are in a natural state of deep relaxation. This allows you to access your subconscious mind and re-program it by replacing old, negative ways of thinking with new, positive messages that change the way you respond to certain situations. Deep relaxation techniques can help you to focus inwards and start to really believe in yourself and your goals. You can feel as if you have already become fitter and healthier.

Would you like to improve your fitness and feel healthier?

If you can use the power of your mind to imagine yourself how you really want to be and you enjoy the future feeling of being fitter and healthier, then you are well on the way to achieving your goals. Your health, fitness, happiness and success then become an inevitable outcome in your life.

With your new, positive outlook, remember that the best workout, according to top trainers and fitness experts, is one that includes the mind as well as the body. In addition to regular weight and cardio training, many people are now practicing alternatives such as yoga, pilates or tai chi, all of which engage your mind, body and spirit.

We hope this health and fitness page has helped you on your way to more healthy living.

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