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Emotional eating

Emotional eating happens when we eat because of how we are feeling emotionally, rather than as a response to physical hunger. There are different types of emotional eating:

Hypnosis can help with boredom and comfort eating

Boredom eating tends to be more habit-based, when we eat to give ourselves something to do and fill in time
Comfort eating is when we use food to assuage feelings, cope with stress or 'relax'
Binge eating involves gorging on food, often as a result of yo-yo dieting where we deprive ourselves of certain foods, or of low self esteem*

All these responses to food can become pattern forming, when we associate feeling a certain way with eating. In all these examples, it is often the act of eating itself that becomes important, rather than thinking about and appreciating what we are eating. Habits of eating like this are negative and over time can lead to weight gain and other problems, as we are overriding and ignoring our body's innate ability to tell us when and what it needs to function. This is why weight loss hypnosis can be so effective.

Breaking bad eating habits with hypnotherapy

Hypnosis can help to overcome negative eating behaviours by refocusing the mind on what it really wants, and using an analytical approach to investigate the reasons why you are eating in this way. A hypnotherapist can help you to build positive habits and eating patterns, and show you how to use your imagination to visualise a happy, confident you who has a healthy relationship with food.

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*Binge eating could be a symptom of a more serious eating disorder. If you have concerns that you have an eating disorder, or if someone else has commented on this to you, then you seriously consider seeking professional help, from your doctor in the first instance.

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