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This is the page where we have attempted to list many relevant and helpful links and resources for hypnosis, hypnotherapy and related areas.  We can't recommend all of these websites but you may well find them helpful and a good place to start your search.

For Further Information on Hypnotherapy

What is hypnosis? A neat summary of what hypnosis actually is from Hypnosis

The National Council for hypnotherapy - NCH currently represent over 700 practitioners within the United Kingdom -

Cambridge Hypnotherapy - Using Hypnosis with advanced levels of NLP and Time Line Therapy(tm) -

Calmer NZ - Although this site is primarily about New Zealand, it is very useful and informative on a wide range of topics and includes an interesting section on hypnosis -

A Guide to Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy - Perth - Scotland - Hypnotherapy and hypnosis in Perth - Scotland for help with anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, stress and pain relief by John Moonie -

Strategies For Change - One of Yorkshires leading providers of Clinical Hypnotherapy -

Northampton Hypnotherapy - The website of Christian Baker - A Consultant Clinical Hypnotherapist based in Northamptonshire -

The International Association of Counseling Hypnotherapists -

The General Hypnotherapy Register - The GHR is the registering agency for the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council -

National Society of Professional Hypnotherapists - A non-profit making organisation and a patron of the General Hypnotherapy Register, a member of the National Council of Psychotherapy, and a member of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council - |

For Professional Training in Hypnotherapy and Other Areas Such as NLP and Stress Management

British Institute of Hypnotherapy -

UK College of Hypnosis & Psychotherapy (UKCHP) Training in Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and Counseling to Practitioner and Advanced levels. Training in London, Brighton, Birmingham, Bristol, Loughborough and Liverpool -

Web Site of Dr Shaun Brookhouse - Training in Hypnotherapy and NLP -

The Centre training International School of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy -

Corsebar Hypnotherapy Training School - Offers recognised/ accredited practitioner training courses in clinical hypnotherapy in the UK -

Hypnosis Today - The Hypnotherapy Training Company offers high quality, safe, and affordable hypnosis education at all levels -


Hypnosis Recourses

Hypnotherapy equipment for the professional hypnotherapist - Hypnotherapy Equipment Ltd is completely dedicated to manufacturing high quality equipment for the hypnotherapist. All equipment has been tested within hypnotherapy by hypnotherapists in the UK -

Human Potential Technology - Hypnosis MP3 downloads, Free Hypnosis/NLP audio files, and the Meta4 Bank, the webs first and largest index of hypnotic & therapeutic metaphor -

The Institute of Dynamic Hypnosis has a large resource of information on hypnosis, hypnotherapy, videos, script books, trance music, professional hypnosis directory, articles on hypnosis and associated links. Find out more about Robert Otto -

Elliot Wald - Comprehensive personal development website with information and resources on hypnotherapy, NLP, corporate coaching and much more -

MindBodySpirit NZ - Hypnosis CDs and other self help products available in New Zealand.

The Hypnosis Museum - An educational Site depicting instruments throughout the ages used to induce hypnosis -

Trancetime - Offering a full line of self hypnosis tapes, books for professional hypnotherapists to build your practice and ready to teach course curriculums: self hypnosis training, stress reduction/self-esteem, The Emotional Freedom Techniques and more. Katherine Zimmerman, CHT, Reiki Master -

Hypnogenesis - An outstanding collection of articles on hypnosis and hypnotherapy -

Ron Stubbs - Check out his web site for great FREE articles, research and much more! Be sure to join his monthly ezine while you're there -

Infinity Institute - a large collection of information on hypnosis, hypnotherapy, hypnosis tapes and videos, hypnosis training, medical hypnosis, dental hypnosis, hypnosis books, hypnotherapy organizations -

Innerreflexion - Self-help hypnosis tapes and CDs -

Self Hypnosis Tapes - Self-help recordings from experienced clinical hypnotherapist -

Learn to Hypnotise for Fun and Profit - 2 Free booklets available. Firstly, an introduction to hypnotherapy and secondly, the language of the subconscious mind and the power of suggestion -

Hypnotherapy tapes and CD's - for self-help for a range of problems including weight loss and cessation of smoking -


Hypnotherapy Sites UK

Digitally mastered Hypnosis Tapes & CDs - The UK's Best Selling self help tapes from Diviniti Publishing Ltd (Amazon & Whittaker UK Hypnotherapy book chart). Free scripts & hypnotic MP3 Hypnotherapy samples -

Optimal Thinking global community web site for personal and professional optimization! -

Roy Hunter - Hypnosis books, hypnosis tapes, official alt.hypnosis FAQ, self-hypnosis, hypnosis training, hypnotherapy, hypnotherapy certification, workshops -

Roy Hunter - Hypnosis Faq Site -

Avon Hypnotherapy - Hypnosis for help to stop smoking, weight loss, and anxiety and phobia issues - clinical hypnosis in the UK Midlands -

Healthy Hypnosis - Creative solutions for many of today's concerns. Find information on hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis programs supporting managing stress, quitting smoking, weight loss, flying with confidence and more -

Dougie Connor - Master Practitioner/Reiki Master based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Confidential hypnotherapy and healing for a wide range of conditions -

Donald Robertson -

Dr Bryan Knight - Hypnosis Headquarters - Bringing Solutions to Mind -

Thinkwell Corp. - HypnoSoft(TM) Internet Hypnosis - The future of self-help. - Visitors can create a custom, talking hypnosis on the Internet, delivered via email -

Hypnotherapy in London - Find help to stop smoking, boost confidence and beat nerves, phobias, anxiety and panic attacks with hypnotherapy in London. Contact Andrew Cunningham , a Harley St hypnotherapist to ask how hypnosis can help you -

Active Hypnosis - Self-hypnosis CDs for help stopping smoking and losing
weight -

Hypnotic World -

Blue Sky Hypnotherapy - Area: Liverpool, Merseyside Specialisms: Phobias, smoking-cessation, habits, confidence, sports performance, nervous problems - -

Association of Registered Complementary Health Therapists of Ireland -

Hypnosis 4 You - Offering clinical hypnotherapy for a variety of issues in the Wallington, Surrey area of the UK -

Wright First Time - Hypnotherapy Peterborough - Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy , NLP and Time Line ™ Therapy. We provide sessions for Quitting Smoking, Weight loss, Fears, Phobia's, Confidence, Relaxation, Anxiety, Nail biting, Panic Attacks etc. Corporate and group work can also be arranged. -

Hypnoinfo - Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy resources -

The Hypnosis Clinic In Cambridge - Provides hypnotherapy in Cambridge for anxiety, anxiety disorders and panic attacks - |

UK Hypnotherapy Clinics

Jenks Hypnosis Center near Tulsa, OK - Change your perception, change your life -

Barry Cooper - Clinical Hypnotherapist and Licensed NLP Practitioner, North West London -

Clinic in Bristol UK -

Specialists in Depression - Specializes in clinical, ante & post natal depression -

Hypnosis for Childbirth - in Bristol UK -

Isabelle Real - West & Central London Hypnotherapy Practice -

Appleby Hypnotherapy Clinic - Camolin, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford. Ireland -

Treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome - A large resource for information and help for irritable bowel syndrome(IBS) - (link not working at present)

The Shrubberies Counselling Unit - Eastwood Medical Centre - A team of counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologist offering help for a range of emotional difficulties - |

World Wide Hypnosis Sites

American Board of Hypnotherapy - This was the first server of its kind for the purpose of promoting Accelerated Human Change Technologies -

American Institute for Transpersonal Hypnotherapy/NLP © - Certification trainings in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy/NLP © with Jack Elias, author of Finding True Magic. A radical synthesis of Eastern & Western perspectives & techniques - Onsite and distance learning options. Books, tapes, and CD's. International recognition. - Tapes and books on Ericksonian Hypnosis, NLP, and the Feldenkrais Method® -

Long Island Hypnosis - Unlocking the power of your mind -

North Shore Hypnosis for Health, Happiness and Success - Private sessions, workshops, NGH hypnotherapy certification training, corporate programs, hypnosis-by-phone, tapes and CDs, Reiki treatments and training in New York. -

Tonia M. Reiman - Long Island, No Boundaries Hypnosis - For weight loss, stress, quit smoking and much more -

Individualized Hypnosis and Biofeedback Equipment - Home of the New England Hypnosis Newsletter in Massachusetts, USA -

Mary Lee LaBay - Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Instructor of Hypnotherapy - Best-selling author, with private practice in Seattle, WA, specializing in the body/mind/spirit connection in healing through Hypnotherapy, NLP, Tarot, and Astrology -

A Better You, Clinical Hypnotherapy. John McGrail, C.Ht. is compassionate and professional, using hypnosis, NLP, Timeline Therapy, and EFT for lasting change.  Specialising in smoking, weight, fears and phobias, personal growth through behavioral modification and spiritual development and personal enhancement.

Hypnosis Toronto - counsellor referral service and Romantic Magic CDs. From relationship problems to stopping smoking to just needing someone to talk to, Hypnosis Toronto can match your needs to a psychotherapist, NLP Counsellor, or Hypnotherapist. Not in Toronto ? Ask about our telephone counselling service -

Transitions - a Centre for Counseling & Hypnosis, located in Washington State, USA, with specializations in children's problems, learning issues, depression, anxiety, performance in athletics and stage, as well ashabit-changing. Site offers information and resources for both the general public and other therapists -

Daryl Wilkinson - Counseling Hypnotherapist, Strategies for Stress Management and more. Melbourne -

Cassandra Atherton - Hypnosis and guided imagery. Cassandra, based in San Francisco, works effectively and compassionately to help with weight loss, procrastination, stress management, finding your life purpose, anxiety, fears and insecurity -

Integral Hypnosis - Boston area (USA) hypnotherapy and philosophical counseling practice. Weight-loss, smoking, phobias, anxiety, stress, motivation, performance and more. Integrating hypnosis and practical philosophy. Telephone sessions are available -

Grant Boddington's World of Hypnosis - Hypnotist Grant Boddington is an entertaining International Master Stage Hypnotist, an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist and Mind Motivator. Author of top selling Ebook " Simply Hypnosis " and creator of the " Be The Person You Want To Be " series of HRM (Hypnosis Reinforced Motivation) CDs for all sport, business and personal motivation & self improvement -

Nancy McCune,C.Ht - provides truly professional hypnosis in South Florida. Hypnosis can change any behaviour that no longer meets your needs... from sports to success, get the best! -

Portland Hypnotherapy - Hypnotherapy and Sports and Performance Hypnosis in Portland, Maine - Robert Monteux, Certified Hypnotherapist

Sue Lingle in Seattle. I am a Certified Hypnotherapist and a HypnoBirthing(R) Instructor -

Ann Kurtzman, C. Ht., S.M.C.-C - Empowering you to attain your goals, supporting you through Life's Challenges with self-hypnotic techniques -

Kathy Harrison, C.H., NLP - Ft.Lauderdale, Florida. - I assist people in accessing their own abilities to 'change their minds' -

Victoria M. Wizell, C.M. Ht. of Hypnotherapy of Nevada - Information about hypnosis, self-hypnosis, weight-loss, sexual issues, stress management, stop smoking, and much more. Private sessions and extensive selection of self-hypnosis audio programs available -

Lifeturn Institute of Natural Health - John Harris, C.H., HBCE & Ilyse Harris, RN, C.H., HBCE - Located in Raleigh, NC - Providing Hypnotherapy Training and Certification, HypnoBirthing seminars, hypnosis books, hypnotherapy script books, relaxation CD's, light & sound machines, and more -

Davena Amick-Elder - Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Counselor - Reiki training and individual sessions for positive life changes -

Durbin Hypnosis with over 60 articles on hypnosis, hypnotherapy and related subjects - The foundation of my work in hypnotherapy is based on the human trinity -

The Power of Possibilities - To Help People Discover and Achieve Their Powerful Desires! -

The National Board - Professional and Ethical Standards - -

Anodyne - Nurturing the mind/body connection with new tools for relief of pain and anxiety in emergencies and during medical and dental procedures -

Forensic Education - If you have ever been fascinated with law enforcement, CSI, or forensics you will love these courses -

Hypnosis Education - Whether you are looking for a new career or just want to enhance the one you have, we have what you want -

California Institute Hypnotherapy Training - Comprehensive certification programs in alternative holistic health since 1943, including clinical hypnotherapy and massage and behavioral therapy

Marketing for Complementary Therapists - 101 tried and tested ways to attract clients -

MindBody Healing - Color Light Therapy- The Health and Wellness benefits of Color Light Therapy have been known and embraced for centuries by Eastern and Middle Eastern Ayurvedic healing practitioners -

Danish Website about Hypnosis and psychotherapy working with Phobia and fear in Denmark -

The Incredible BORIS - A Hilarious Hypnotic Event Top choice in corporate event planning - charismatic performer and motivational speaker. -

Seishindo - Self Hypnosis and Mindfulness practices -

Peruvian and South American Association of Clinical Hypnosis - Congregates M.D.s, Psychiatrists and Psychologists with specialization in Hypnotherapy -

Dr.Jose L.Hernani's web site - we offer personal and online psychotherapeutic and hypnotherapeutic counselling (english & spanish) -

The Anxiety and Depression Help Site - is run by Australian psychologist and writer Dr Bob Rich. This site is full of resources for sufferers and helpers alike. He uses hypnosis in his practice -

Mr Laszlow - Famous Hungarian Hypnotist. World record holder -

Kim Manning - Hypnotherapist in Michigan -

Medical Hypnotherapist - Bloomfield Hills, Michigan - 

Academy For Professional Hypnosis Training - Hypnosis certification courses in Hollywood and Wisconsin -

Lady Rainey, Queen of Stage Hypnosis - Hilarious Entertainment -

Laughing Cherub Unlimited Hypnosis - Professional Hypnosis Website -

The Clinical Care Network Professional Group - A professional association for hypnotherapists, hypnosis tapes, cds, dvds, books, information and services -

The Clinical Hypnosis Institute - The only hypnosis school in Michigan that is state licensed to teach both basic and medical hypnosis

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Controversial Resource Site for NLP and Neurology. How NLP and Neurology can help therapists - |

Diet and Weight Management

Anne Collins Diet - The easy diet for hopeless slimmers. Diet Information and sensible advice. lots of weight loss tips and information -

Shelley Bovey is a writer and broadcaster on a whole range of subjects: health, psychology, weight, parenthood, relationships and humour. Her site contains many interesting articles including her own experiences and thoughts on weight issues. -

The Weight Loss Lab -

The weight Watchers Homepage -

Weight Loss Resources - Losing weight easily and permanently -

Your Wellness is Our Priority - We have best herbs, minerals, vitamins, liquid vitamin, food supplements, sports nutrition products and beauty care products -

Weight Loss Practitioner - Wide range of experience working with "issues with food" -

Losing Weight Feeling Great - Catherine Elizabeth Wiands book helps you to lose weight with self hypnosis and meditation -


Stopping Smoking

Quitting Smoking UK Site -

Dr Bobs Stop Smoking Site -

Quitnet - Quit Smoking -

Quit Smoking Support -

Quitting Smoking - Stop smoking with hypnosis combined with NLP dramatically helps you to stop smoking -


Memory And Exams

Mind tools, Powerful Memory Site -

Exam Tips and Revision Tips -

Advanced Brain Technologies - Memory, Exams, Revision -

French Revision - |

Fears and Phobia

The Phobia List - Comprehensive list to help with phobias -

Anxiety Treatment Australia - provides information on anxiety disorders, panic attacks, phobias,stress management, support groups. Australian psychologists who treat anxiety disorders, treatment and therapy, articles, self help resources -

Shyness and Social Anxiety Treatment Australia - provides information on social anxiety, depression, support groups, Australian psychologists who treat social anxiety, self help resources, children and social anxiety, blushing and sweating, public speaking, treatment and therapy -

Information on Hypnotherapy and Phobias -

Stephen Harrolds Site - Phobias and hypnosis -

No More Panic - All about panic anxiety, phobias etc -

Airline Safety - Dedicated to the subject of airline safety -

Sports Links

Mastersport - Free soccer tips for players and coaches, soccer links, articles and interactive football coaching software -

Golf Courses and Golf Travel -

The Mental Keys to Improve Your Golf - Unique mental training program that guarantees to quickly lower your score -

Dr Relax - Comprehensive sport psychology site dedicated to unlocking the power of the mind and developing a mental edge. Sections include; relaxation, visualisation, affirmations and self programming -

Sports hypnosis and wide range of applications for hypnosis in sport -

Return 2 Fitness - Lots of information, articles and links for hypnotherapy. Worldwide information including, how to find a therapist, professional organisations etc -

The Virtual Sports Injury Clinic - FREE virtual diagnosis and Sports Injury information on over 100 sports injuries -

Peak Performance Sports - Sports Psychology Tools for Athletes from Mental Game Expert Dr. Patrick Cohn -

Personal Development

New Me UK - Life Begins at Retirement - A website dedicated to helping people enjoy a successful and enjoyable retirement. Sections on holidays, health and lifestyle, homes, finance and finding things to do.

The Institute of Personal Development -

Positive thinking and personal growth -

Personal Development Links - - is the most complete guide to information about Self-Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help on the Internet. It is designed to be an organized directory, with articles and references to thousands of other Web Sites on the World Wide Web -

Hints and Things - Hints and Things is my way of trying to share all those little pearls of wisdom that used to be passed from generation to generation -

Potential Technology - How quiet the forest would be....if only the best birds could sing -

Online MBA Program - Business Education / Top Business Schools MBA Online Business Schools offers you the ability to search top business schools for the business class requirements to earn your executive MBA or business degree - (link not working at present)

Self Improvement Reviews - Dedicated to reviewing the best personal development and self improvement products on the web -

All Business Schools - Students can use our free comprehensive database of U.S. business schools to search for everything from associate's to doctoral degrees in over 50 business-related concentrations, including accounting, finance and economics -
(link not working at present)

Life Upgrades - David Regler's NLP and personal growth site. Powerful tools combining life coaching and personal development - (link not working at present)

Motivation and Energy

Self Help Books for People Seeking Motivation -

Abundant World - Welcome to my world of inspiration, motivation and love -

Yossi Ghinsberg - Motivational speaker who challenges audiences intellectually and emotionally.  Works towards personal, professional and organisational breakthroughs.


Free Tools for Building Relationships -

Improving Relationships and Building Successful Relationships -

Transcendental Meditation - |

Stress Links

Teachers Stress - |

Driving Links - Pass Your Driving Test

2PASS - A site to help you to pass your driving test - Section on driving test nerves -

Learner Drivers - Driving test tips -

The British School of Motoring Homepage - Find a driving school or driving instructor and driving test advice -

Driving Innovation - Driving lessons and up-to-date information on the driving test. Free
learning to drive forums for 24/7 support. Motor Insurance advice available.

Sleep and Insomnia

Tips Providing Help Getting to Sleep -

Insomnia and the Insomniac - How to stop snoring etc -

London Health - Insomnia, snoring, problems sleeping and general London health -

Sleep Disorders and Snoring - Insomnia information - |

Self Confidence

Free Self-Confidence Course - and information on self-esteem

Self-Esteem - self-confidence and self help -

More Self-Esteem - Building self esteem and self confidence leads to happiness - great advice, tips, books and free courses - |

Self Hypnosis

An Overview of Brian Alman's Work in Self Hypnosis -

The Self Hypnosis Web Site -

Miscellaneous Resources

Airfraid - Fly with confidence -

The Alternative Guide - Health and Healing in London and the South of England including local 'What's On' -

Natalie Dee, Life Coach - Personal development with Natalie Dee, master NLP, EFT Practitioner and certified hypnotherapist; change your self-confidence now with one small shift in your life and see how this exponentially creates change throughout your life.

HypnoBirthing® - The Mongan Method! is a unique method of relaxed, natural childbirth education, enhanced by hypnosis techniques, providing the missing link, that allows women to use their natural instincts to bring about a safer, easier, more comfortable birthing in a way that most mirrors nature -

Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Information on the treatment of IBS from drugs to alternative therapy –

Sam Brown - Self hypnosis for Musicians -

Su Ricks - Holistic therapies offered as well as hypnotherapy -

Body, mind and Soul Healer - Free your mind, body and spirit naturally! Naturopath and medical intuitive, Dr Rita Louise, Ph.D. can help you identify what is really going on and provide you with straightforward guidance and advice. Find a full line of nutritional and health products.

Hypnotist & Muse - For your therapeutic and creative needs -

HypnoBirthing® UK - The official UK site for HypnoBirthing® - The Mongan Method. Packed with information about HypnoBirthing®, lots of birth stories, how to request details of your nearest HypnoBirthing® classes, and discussion boards to chat to others mums and practitioners about HypnoBirthing®. -

The London Therapy Centre - Hypnotherapy, hypnoanalysis and psychotherapy available at 1 Harley Street -

BPD WORLD - A website for sufferers of bpd, borderline personality disorder but also for anyone with mental ill health - |


Self Help Hypnotherapy CD's at Oxford Hypnotherapy

Buy Online |


Life Coaching Solutions 'All the resources you'll ever need'