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A collection of articles written about hypnosis, hypnotherapy and related subjects.  These articles include contact details for the authors.  We will consider publishing others written by professional hypnotherapists or acknowledged hypnosis experts.

The Rise of the Hypnotherapy Profession in the United Kingdom (1950-1997)
by Shaun Brookhouse, PhD., DCH., FHRS., FNCH.

Hypnotherapy Technique or Profession?
By Shaun Brookhouse, MA(Ed), DCH, PhD, PGDHP, FRSH, FNCH
And Fiona Biddle, BSc(Hons), DipCAH, DipCouns, FNCH

Feast or Famine? - Marketing for Complementary Therapists
By Steven Harold

Focus on Arthritis
by Steven Harold

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Book Reviews

The Nicotine Trick - The Totally New Way To Stop Smoking
By Neil Casey

The power of Neil Casey's method lies in his understanding of the subconscious mind. Nicotine doesn't exist on the conscious level, half the time you light a cigarette, you're hardly even aware that you've done it.

The Nicotine Trick

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100 Ways to Motivate Yourself: Change your Life Forever
by Steve Chandler

Not just another 'motivational change your life book'. The exercises and suggestions contained here are real life gems; a 'how to motivate yourself' bible. Steve Chandler succeeds in getting across his 100 tools for motivation effectively and with an individual style which will appeal to those trying to find themselves but possibly fed up with the usual short-term 'give yourself a pat on the back' approach.

100 Ways to Motivate Yourself

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