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John Crawford - Bristol and Bath. Offering practical hypnotherapy solutions for help with stress, stopping smoking, phobias and fears, weight loss and control, childbirth and much more.

Angus Pearson - Clinics in Bristol and Bath. The website includes information and advice sections including 'quit smoking', 'weight loss', 'insomnia', 'hypnobirthing' and 'fear of flying'.

Sharon Stiles - Bristol clinic. Hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Change habits (nail biting, drinking, blushing etc), change phobias, anxieties etc. Also offers hypnosis for childbirth, busy people and students.

Anita Eaton - Bristol clinic. Clinical hypnotherapy and hypnoanalysis.

Stephanie Hill - Based at the Clifton Practice, natural health centre in Bristol. Website includes information on anti-smoking therapy.

Richard Braybrooke - Hypnotherapy practitioner in Bristol. Website includes information on IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) therapy, phobias, anxiety help, weight loss and stopping smoking.

Other complementary and alternative therapy services in Avon and Somerset

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Hypnosis recordings which can be downloaded right now and listened to via your computer or mp3 player. Available for many issues including phobias and fears, self improvement, personal development, health, relaxation, stress management and relationships.


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Book Reviews

The Easy Way to Stop Smoking
By Allen Carr

Allen Carr's book The easy way to stop smoking is something of a masterpiece.
After years of trying to quit smoking cigarettes and a series of willpower driven efforts, some more successful than others, Allen Carr tried hypnosis to quit smoking. The effect was instantaneous but in his words, he gave up 'in spite of hypnotherapy and not because of the hypnotherapist'. In the early edition of the book this comment was never expanded on, much to the annoyance of hypnotherapists the world over who recognise many of their techniques in this method.


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